how to enable internet when vpn is connected - WINDOWS 7

This week I started using my VPN connection for some work. But I notice that whenever I connect my VPN, my machine was loosing the local internet connection. Previously it was not the issue with my machine, but it started appearing once I started using wifi for local internet connection. I am using WINDOWS 7 machine. Here is a fix for this issue.

How to enable local internet connection while using VPN network.
1. Right click on the VPN connector in your network connections.
2. Click properties.
3. Then click on the networking tab.
4. Then click on TCP/IP settings. i.e.(Internet protocol version 4..)
5. Then click on Properties button to view "Internet protocol version 4" properties.
6. This will open a new window.
7. Click on advanced button.
8. Now under IP-settings tab you will find a check box which reads "Use default gateway on remote network".
9. UNCHECK this checkboox.
10. Save all settings.
11. Done.

This will surely get your internet back while connecting VPN.


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