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Do not register on
Website is not at all secure , Don't believe.

If you are technical person then you can see that while registering the form data is sent via GET method and your personal data is passed to server without encryption. Password and all details are sent via GET method. I don't even Want to check what features they are providing after registration if this is the start.

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replace last occurrence of substring from string in php

Are you looking out for a built in function in php which replace last occurrence of sub string from string??

You are at right place then. check out the function below which easily replaces the last occurrence of sub string from supplied string.

  1. function str_lreplace(mixed $search, mixed $replace, mixed $subject)
  2. {
  3. return substr_replace($subject, $replace, strrpos($subject, $search), strlen($search));
  4. }

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