CSS1 vs CSS2 & SEO

This post will help you to understand the primary features in CSS2 which are not there in CSS1 and how CSS2 techniques are going to help you in SEO. CSS1 is published in 1996 and CSS2 is published in year 1998. All major browsers supports practically 99.9% of CSS2. I was googlin for the difference between CSS1 and CSS2 and landed on a very good website and found really dam important information about new tags introduced in CSS2. You can check all of them on this website > http://xahlee.org/js/css2.html.

Google bot and other search engines does consider uncompressed HTML size of your webpage, so even if we are using gzip compression techniques, we have to think about the uncompressed HTML size. One of my website's home page is of size 59.23 kb. The which I used to test my site have suggested CSS2 based layout and its new techniques which really helps a lot to reduce your page size. I am working on some of the new tags implementations which will help me to reduce the size of CSS file as well as my HTML page size.

There are few more CSS techniques which helps us to increase the speed of our website. One of the very popular technique is "CSS Sprites". CSS Sprites is basically a technique which combines all small images on your web page in to one big image. In this case we have to just load a single image instead of loading lots of small images separately, this saves a lot of browsers time to make n no of http requests to server so increases speed of your website.


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