new php.ini directives in php5

PHP 5 came up with some new directives in php.ini file. I am writing about all new directives introduced in PHP 5. Heres the list...

1) mail.force_extra_parameters : Force the addition of the specified parameters to be passed as extra parameters to the sendmail binary.

2)register_long_arrays :

configures the php to allow or disallow the registration of long arrays $HTTP_*_VARS

possible values : On / Off


Recommended : If you are not using them then its recommended to keep them off for some performance reasons.

3) session.hash_function :
This directive allows us to configure the way of php's session id generation algorithm.
0: MD5 (128 bits)
1: SHA-1 (160 bits)

possible values : 0 / 1

Default : 0

4)session.hash_bits_per_character :
This directive allows us to define how many bits are stored in each character when converting the binary hash data to something readable.

possible values :
'4' (0-9, a-f)
'5' (0-9, a-v)
'6' (0-9, a-z, A-Z, "-", ",")

default : 5

5) zend.ze1_compatibility_mode :
This configuration directive allows us to enable or disable the compatibility with zend engine 1 ( which is a php 4 engine). Its set to Off as default and turning it on may affect cloning,casting. Objects are also passed by value instead of pass by reference.

possible values : On / Off


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